Every four years a worldwide event comes along and grabs the collective attention of the global population, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for businesses big and small. The Olympic Games provides small businesses with a four week period to capitalise on the kind of excitement and patriotism that accompanies the games. Given the scale of this opportunity, it makes sense to take a look at your business and see how you can leverage this attention to build sales.



Make sure your online e-commerce store or website’s keywords and SEO (search engine optimisation) campaigns are adjusted to reflect current Olympic trends that will capture consumers. For example, Usain Bolt is a huge name in the Olympics, so if you sell door and window hardware try terms like “gold medal bolts.”



Find real connections between your business and the Olympics, such as local athletes competing in the games or athletes that use your product or service. Promote those connections in placements on your site’s home page and in e-mail marketing campaigns. If there is no immediate connection, try linking to hot events or athletes. For example, take 10% off a product if Australia wins a gold medal on a certain day, or discount a service if an athlete qualifies for the next round.



Contact your web hosting company to prepare for an influx of traffic and create a special landing page for specific products that have strong tie-ins to the Olympics. This ensures your site is able to handle any additional traffic or orders a promotion might generate.



Appeal to consumer patriotism by displaying the Australian flag and showcasing products and brands that create an emotional response, like hoop earrings to promote the Australian basketball team. And keep an eye on the news so you can re-create your site’s home page or send out a quick email campaign to take advantage of any Olympic news that’s relevant to your small business.



Do NOT use the licensed trademarks, language and imagery of the official Olympic Games or Rio 2016 in your promotions. The Olympic committee are seriously protective of their brands, and if you haven’t licensed them you risk the possibility of legal action.

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