Graphic Design

Marketing's Creative Partner in Crime


Graphic design has (and will!) always be a critical factor in determining marketing effectiveness and general business practice. The Internet’s exponential growth and subsequent social media breakthrough places extreme importance in graphic design for both print and web.

Graphic design allows you to visually illustrate your organisation and it’s goals and competencies, providing a defined and visual brand identity for your consumers. Any visual stigma transmitted by your small business will be the aesthetic memory that resonates in the mind of your customer, stakeholders and competition alike. It is this graphical representation that can either transform your business into an industry powerhouse, or leave you wagging your tail at the expense of poor design and customer perception. Graphic design should translate effectively and cohesively across all marketing avenues, giving your small business that professional and big business appeal.



By providing a consistent and cohesive approach to your graphic design (all the while, integrating it with established marketing modules), a sense of confidence and familiarity can be established between your business and its respective target audience, giving you that competitive advantage that large scale organisations identify and utilise.

Now, in tandem with our graphic design and marketing teams, ImagiWorks can give you that very same competitive advantage.

We provide a range of graphic services including logos, flyers, stationery, posters, inbound marketing graphic design, direct mail, banners, catalogues, packaging, eNewsletters, product photography, online advertising.. Shall we go on?


Graphic design is an vital element in the concepts of brand identity. Some companies will tell you that good design is an investment. We’ll simply tell you: Good design is yours. Graphic design services are an integral part of our marketing retainer plans but can also be purchased exclusively.


We focus directly on providing small businesses with all graphical necessities ranging from marketing flyers to product photography. We’ve built packs based on small business essentials but are more than prepared to tackle any custom-suited design objectives your business requires. Alternatively, we can sit down with you and assess your current brand identity to analyse the potential for change and improvement.


A memorable logo is a critical factor in any business’ success. Outstanding corporate identity a) makes terrific first impressions; b) attracts new customers; c) gives your company a competitive advantage and grants your small business the opportunity to stand out from the crowd within your market; d) promotes retention of customer loyalty; and e) acquires trust and admiration via customer and competitor perception.


Graphic design is marketing’s creative partner in crime. Are you ready to get visual?

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