Who We Are

So who are the ImagiWorkers and what do we do?


ImagiWorks is a Melbourne, Australia-based, marketing and creative solutions agency. As an eclectic mix of strategic thinkers, innovative design architects, technical wizards and skilled craftsmen, we glue together to bring your brand or small business to life.

Not only can we gasconade our champion-like abilities in Xbox tournaments, all-you-can-eat burger challenges and hide & seek, we’re unparalleled leaders in strategy, creativity, marketing, design, IT, production, management and imagination.

We set out to tell the story of you and your small business. Using our almighty basket of skills, we create meaningful and everlasting connections between small businesses and their customers.


Well, It’s different every time. Luckily, we’re constantly knee-deep in all the latest marketing trends and design schemes to always arrive at clever, actionable solutions. That way, you can continue to control the day-to-day operations of your business while we take care of all the nitty-gritty marketing mysteries that ensures your business maintains a solid ROI. ​



Our focus on business transformation makes us your first choice in the quest for smarter marketing solutions. We practice brand-driven innovation by operating at the intersection of brand strategy and creative vision to provide total marketing solutions for clients who desire accelerated growth with a bullet-proof road map for the future.


To revolutionise small business marketing, providing organisations with big-budget marketing opportunities at small-budget prices. As genuine enthusiasts for what we do, we strongly believe in our ability to transform small business perceptions, catapulting our clients into the future through mobile app development, social media marketing and traditional advertising methods. We’re committed to providing small businesses a combination of one-stop total solutions and reliable attention to customer care, providing coverage for every facet of the marketing mix and achieving measurable organisational objectives we set for our clients.​


To give ordinary small businesses the opportunity to blossom into extraordinary organisations via affordable access to a brain of creative imagination and marketing & communication tools.


We’re ready to blast your small business into the future of marketing, branding and design. Are you?

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