Yes, it’s that joyous time again when the ladies frock up and the gentlemen don their suits… and then we all spend an afternoon with a bottomless bottle of champagne!

It’s the Melbourne Cup, the race that stops the nation and sends countless punters over the edge as they juggle the odds and hedge their bets on a horse that’ll bring them a lifetime of financial glory.

For most, the event is an excuse for a barbecue and a public holiday. But did you know that your small business can actually reap from the funnel of rewards that the Melbourne Cup generates? In celebration of this wonderful and frivolous Australian tradition that allows us to link our patriotism with alcohol, gambling and marketing, here’s 3 tips for your small business this Melbourne Cup Day.



Everyone loves a winner, especially on Cup Day. Whatever your business may be, utilise your following to generate new likes and fans by hosting a social media contest. There’s no reason not to get creative with this: try encouraging Facebook followers to post their predictions and tag their friends to become eligable for a prize pertinent to your business (a product, discount, gift card etc).



A national public holiday always provides a great motive for excessive e-mail marketing. Pick your favourite platform (we recommend MailChimp) and string together a grid list of specials and discounts that combine your goods/services with Melbourne Cup-related goodies. For example, you may like to bundle your latest product with a Dan Murphys gift card voucher to celebrate with this Melbourne Cup Day.



Okay, so this one is more for the retailers out there but the general rule still applies. 91 per cent of women are willing to spend up to $200 on grooming for Melbourne Cup, and 86 per cent admit to forking out up to $200 on accessories alone.

By comparison, more than 70 per cent of men said they would not spend any money on accessories, including ties, cuff-links and shoes. Of those men who do, 76 per cent would spend up to $200.

If you’re in the fashion/beauty industry, Melbourne Cup Day provides an exceptional opportunity to generate and promote an outbound marketing strategy. Create discounts on products and advertise ultimate ‘Melbourne Cup Looks’ for the perfect Cup Day outfit.

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