Caution! Video contains NSFW language (okay, so they do drop a single F-bomb but it would be a marketing sin not to share this hilarious content with you all because of it!).

Digital thinking in advertising has certainly come along one since the inception of popular social media platforms. But have we, as social media marketers, taken it a little too far? This video asks the following questions: does your agency take hours to respond to the latest trending hashtag or celebrity death? Is your brand missing out on being part of the conversation because you’re reacting too slow?

With Reactvertising™, your brand will never miss another opportunity to own the conversation. By ignoring old school “thinking” paradigms in favour of “reactivism”, you can create compelling content for your clients in seconds.

The video above explores the balance between companies and brands that must weigh up potential risk versus quick gratification in a dynamic and ever-changing media world… And, of course, delivers a remarkable parody on the ‘search-and-response’ technique of social media marketing teams!

*Video originally posted by john st.*

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