A Business Card with a Lasting Impression

ImagiWorks business card

So a few months ago, I received a business card from a good friend of mine in the real estate sector. After thoroughly examining both the front and rear sides of the design and the included information, something quite significant dawned on me. Why was it that more often than not, I was only receiving business cards with facial association from real estate agents?

The concept to include a recognisable and bodacious facial image on a card in order to galvanise a meeting or to add a layer of competitively-advantageous distinguishing seemed to fall on deaf ears in all other business industries. It seemed that, more often than not, in a situation by which a meeting with a client or a touch-point experience with a potential prospector plays out swimmingly, one would endeavour to leave as many everlasting refresher memories as possible for customer recall purposes.

It was because of this, that we went ahead and redesigned and reprinted our entire business card collection. When customer service is at its ultimate best, a level of empathy and connectivity is stimulated and bridged between the client and the business representative. To provide ample opportunity for future reference, the inclusion of the face of the person the client is dealing with at the particular time could be the key, defining instance that swings a potential customer away from another business and into your paradise of charisma.

So when setting up meetings with clients or even chance encountering potential lead, always put that smile on your dial and ensure that your business card is doing exactly the same! 🙂