Launching a website or blog for personal services, interests and hobbies can be a daunting task for a start-up individual. But when looking to provide an online foundation for a family member or friend’s latest adventure, ignite their creative spark by purchasing them a website this holiday season. Want to know why a website and/or blog design is the perfect gift this Christmas? Read below for more:

  • Got a family member or friend who won’t be around this holiday season? Not to worry! Launch a photo or Instagram blog to share those yuletide memories.
  • A website can transform somebody’s idea into a graphic and interactive showpiece.
  • Family memories can be cemented in a centralised location for all family members to access with websites specifically packaged for scrapbooking. Compile birthday, Christmas, holiday photos/videos into an assortment of digital bliss.
  • We all love to share information. And with a personal website, you’ll be able to store and distribute this content (like grandma’s secret Christmas pudding recipe!) online to reach friends and family alike.
  • Compile family messages, letters, videos and content to pass down from generation to generation. Got a message for a new born child? Write or film your content and stream the information online on a website for posterity.
  • We’re all apart of a family, but what if we also belong to a larger community? Give the gift of community unity with a website tailored around encouraging social interaction, story exchanges and idea generation.

So whatever your reasoning this Christmas, give the gift of longevity and cement an online web presence for your family and friends today!